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IMWA’s Objectives and Aims


  • Increased protection of the environment against the impact of mine drainage and related activities
  • Improved utilisation of mine waters
  • Improved technology and economy of mine drainage operations
  • Improved exploitation of mineral deposits consistent with the desirable standards of safety against water hazards


  • To promote the development of science and technology concerned with water in mining
  • To promote, develop and coordinate cooperation among persons and organisations of different countries, engaged in scientific or engineering work in the field of mine water problems and related sciences
  • To encourage and facilitate research, education and training related to all scientific and practical problems of water in mining and allied operations
  • To promote implementation of improved technology to mine drainage practice
  • To promote exchange of scientific and engineering information
  • To encourage the exchange of visits of persons between the countries, either as individuals or teams
  • To organise international meetings and to promote regional and national conferences and symposia with international participation
  • To promote publication and distribution of papers and discussions relating to the objectives of IMWA
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IWMA's members promote an integrated approach to mine water management, combining specialist expertise in hydrology, hydraulics, hydrogeology and water quality with geotechnical, environmental and mining skills. Our extensive experience in wet, arid and cold climates enables us to provide cost-effective, practical solutions for your project, and identify methods for more efficient utilisation of water in mining and mineral processing.

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